Cooking with Montessori Pack: 5 Kid-friendly Cooking Tools

We've selected our favourite kid-friendly kitchen tools from Montessori Pack extensive range.
food art unicorn

Let's Talk about Food Art: Interview with Shannon Mazzei

We chatted with Shannon Mazzei, food artist on Instagram, to give you some tips and food art and the benefits of trying it wth your kids, or by yourself!
Apple traybake, pic from BBC Good Food

Let’s Eat Seasonal: March Recipes Round-Up

A round-up of five delicious and easy recipes for you to try out with your little sous-chef, using produce that are easy to source in the month of March.

5 Hacks for Cooking with Kids

We have lined up five essential tricks to get to the kitchen prepared and avoid tantrums, both for the chef and the little sous-chef.
five benefits of cooking with kids

5 Amazing Benefits of Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids has endless benefits. It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted and we admit you might need a bit of preparation. That’s why we have lined up five awesome benefits of letting a little sous-chef in the kitchen.