Cooking with Montessori Pack: 5 Kid-friendly Cooking Tools

If your little helper is enjoying your little cooking sessions together, why not provide him with a cooking kit fit for the best sous-chef? When they are just starting they can make do with what you have in the kitchen; once they get more confident and passionate about cooking, step up their game with some kitchen tools just for them!

At Montessori Pack, you can find a wide variety of kitchen tools that have been thought specifically for kids, their needs and their little hands. We’ve selected our favourites to inspire you!

Magic Egg Cutter

This egg cutter is hazard-free and comes with different moulds, to cut hard-boiled eggs in slices, wedges, or halves. Pack a hard-boiled egg in your little one’s lunchbox and include the egg cutter: lunchtime becomes playtime and maybe they’ll share a slice or two with a friend.

Make Your Gummy Bear

These funky gummy bear moulds are made of silicon, are heat resistant and dishwasher safe, and very versatile.

Use them for the classic gummy bears, or bear shaped chocolates. So yummy and cute you’ll need to hide them to not eat them all.

Hold My Handle Rolling Pin

Making dough is the perfect kitchen task for your little sous-chef: a lot of mixing and scrunching, the occasional puff of flour and loads of textures to discover. Rolling the dough, though, can turn into quite a sticky situation!

With a non stick technology, Montessori Pack colourful rolling pins keep all the fun of baking and none of the stickiness.

Eat Your Letters Cookie Cutters

To quote the ladies at Montessori Pack: “can you imagine a task more fun then making cookies with your children?”.

Letter shaped cookie cutters can make playtime educational: whip up a spelling competition and award an A for every right word…a cookie A, of course!

My Clever Fork and Spoon

The best part of cooking? Eating your yummy creations!

These cutlery are designed for tiny hands, are chunky and easy to grip, with their silicone covering.

Also, we love their rounded tips: they are safer and help prevent food slipping off. More food in the tummies, less on the table. Or on the floor. Or clothes. Where is the strangest place your little sous-chef has managed to get food on?