The first tandem cookbook for adult and kids

My Little Sous-Chef is a tandem cookbook for kids and parents to use together. Our mission is to introduce kids to the magic of cooking with the help of the grown-ups and our two volumes – one for the parents and one for the kids. All the recipes are easy and quick to make so that your little sous-chef won’t get bored or discouraged.

We believe that cooking can be a fun activity and a happy bonding experience for the whole family, that’s why the books focus on the teamwork between parents and kids.

Learning the basics of cooking is also the starting point for developing healthy eating habits and a taste for wholesome meals. We hope our books will inspire you to have fun preparing delicious meals with your little sous-chef.


Our little ambassadors

Meet some of the kids that tried My Little Sous-Chef cookbook having fun in the kitchen. They were able to prepare complex meals independently by looking at the pictures and following the instructions step by step. Getting kids engaged in the creative process is without doubt the best way to get them excited about, and loving new foods, like beetroot or aubergine! Read more about them in our press section.

Cooking provides a really valuable learning experience for children:

They learn about where food comes from and what the raw ingredients look like

They observe the transformation to the finished product

 Learning to cook meals from scratch helps build healthy eating habits

 Cooking also provides opportunities for numeracy – counting, weighing, measuring and fractions

Adult’s Book:

In the adult’s version you will find delicious recipes, clearly explained and accompanied by beautiful pictures. The little sous-chef’s tasks are listed at the bottom of each recipe, so you know what they can work on.

Kid’s Book:

In the kid’s book you will find the same recipes as the adult’s book, but with only the easier, child-friendly tasks, fully illustrated for an easy understanding even by pre-school kids.

Have a look at My Little Sous-Chef

All My Little Sous-Chef recipes are yummy and appealing for the children’s eye but, at the same time, healthy and simple.

The book presents 30 recipes in total across starters, main courses and desserts.

Each recipe has been selected with a professional chef and the help of a kids’ educator and have the following points in common:

They’re quick to prepare

Most of the steps are child-friendly and teach kids different and important skills

They’re yummy but healthy at the same time

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My Little Sous-Chef is always interested in starting new collaborations and meeting people that share our mission.

We’re also curious to hear your feedback and your experiences in the kitchen. We love seeing your Little Sous-Chefs in action and hearing about their progress and what they have learned.

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